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Tunak Tunak Tun MP3 Song Download

“Tunak Tunak Tun”

Singer Daler Mehndi
Album Tunak Tunak Tun
Music Label Magnasound
Length 4:16


“Tunak Tunak Tun” , is a Bhangra song by Indian Punjabi artist Daler Mehndi, which was released in 1998. The music video was the first made in India using greenscreen technology.

The song and video was a success in India, cementing Diler Mehndi’s status as India’s biggest popstar at the time. It later became an international success, due to it is used in many memes.

The music video follows a simple plot about four men, all played by Mehndi, who all represent the four classical elements and dress in lavish Indian clothing; the earth Mehndi wears pink/maroon, the fire Mehndi wears orange, the wind Mehndi wears brown, and the water Mehndi wears green. The men start off as comets made of water, dirt, air, and fire before transforming into clothed human men. Each of the men takes turns singing, dancing, and pointing at each other as though they are discussing something. The men later fuse with each other by first reverting into their comet state and then merging to form Daler Mehndi, who is predominantly wearing yellow and green.

As of October 2018, the music video has received over 100 million views on the Sony Music India channel at YouTube.



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